Suspended luminaire in rectangular shape like a line with 24mm thickness thanks to the laser-engraved methacrylate plate with Folio® Edge Lighting technology. Body in aluminium with opal diffuser, options for opal milling or opal sculpture.

Brand: Folio

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Wattage: L1 60 W/ L2 120 W(150 by 2400mm) L1 75 W/ L2 150 W(150 by 3000mm) L1 30 W/ L2 60 W(200 by 1200mm) L1 38 W/ L2 76 W(200 by 1500mm) L1 45 W/ L2 90 W(200 by 1800mm)     

Lumen:  L1 1871 lm/ L2 3564 lm(150 by 2400mm) L1 2252 lm/ L2 4290 lm(150 by 3000mm) L1 1213 lm/ L2 2310 lm(200 by 1200mm)  L1 1386 lm/ L2 2640 lm(200 by 1500mm)  L1 1501 lm/ L2 2860 lm(22 by 1800mm)

      Colour Temp: 

>[K]2700, 3000,  3500, 4000, 5700

>Tunable White/ RGB/ RGBW/ RGBTW     


Dimmability: 0-10 V, 1-10 V, DALI, DMX, Bluetooth e PUSH

Diffuser: Opal