Easy Round

Easy Round lamp is a functional and versatile lighting solution designed specifically for office environments. Its design emphasizes simplicity and functionality while addressing both lighting and noise absorption needs. The lamp's construction comprises two PET panels, which contribute to its thickness and help reduce ambient noise in the office environment. By absorbing sound waves, the lamp assists in creating a quieter and more conducive workspace. The high-quality lighting provided by the Easy Round lamp is a significant feature. One notable aspect of the lamp's design is its flat horizontal structure. This design attribute allows the light to be distributed at a wide angle, which can effectively illuminate a larger area.
There are four sizes (S, M, L & XL) to choose from.




Wattage: S, M, L, XL (A) - 10W / 15W / 20W
                  S, M (B) - 30W
                  L, XL (B) - 48W 

Lumen: S, M, L, XL (A) - 1200lm / 1800lm / 2400lm / 3500lm
               S, M (B) - 1000lm / 2100lm
               L, XL (B) - 1750lm / 3500lm 

Colour temp. [K] : S, M, L, XL (A) - 3000, 4000, 6000
                                    S, M, L, XL (B) - 3000, 4000, Tunable White (On Request)


Luminaire colour: White - S, M, L, XL (A)
                                 White / Black -  S, M, L, XL (B)

Fabric Colour: The high-quality PET sound panels are robust, durable, and have a slightly textile surface that can be washed. They have excellent sound-absorbing properties, are flame-resistant and recycleable.


S : 1000

M : 1150

L : 1450

XL : 1780