Screen Glow

Screen Glow is a hanging office divider equipped with two linear luminaires in a mini version. It is designed to not only absorb office noise but also cast a gentle glow across the office floor and upwards, that adds a touch of ambiance to your office space.  A plotter machine can be used to add various designs or motivational slogans that reflect your company's mission and goals, making it a unique and personalized solution. This not only adds a touch of inspiration and creativity but also allows to make workspace reflect personal style. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Screen Glow also serves a functional purpose. It effectively absorbs office noise, creating a more peaceful and focused environment. Its acoustic separation between workstations enhances privacy and productivity.




Wattage: 14.7W

Lumen: 1459lm

Colour temp. [K] 3000, 4000, Tunable White (On Request)


Luminaire colour: White, Black 

Fabric Colour:

Archi felt ecoPET 12mm:

The high-quality PET sound panels are robust, durable, and have a slightly textile surface that can be washed. They have excellent sound-absorbing properties, are flame-resistant and recyclable.


Size: 2065 x 900 x 28