Gap Island

Gap Island office lamp is an acoustic luminaire in large size. Its large surface panel is suitable for open-plan offices or conference rooms. It absorbs a significant amount of the surrounding sound. The full panel creates an eye-catching feature in the space. Panel sizes and colors are fully customizable. There are three sizes (L, XL, XXL) to choose from.




Wattage: 50W (L), 80W (XL), 120W (XXL) 

Lumen: 2700lm / 3650lm (L), 4320lm / 5840lm (XL) & 6480lm / 8760lm (XXL)

Colour temp. [K] 3000, 4000, Tunable White (On Request)


Luminaire colour: White, Black 

Fabric Colour: 

Synergy fabrics by Camira

The Camira fabrics color range features 75 shades of Synergy woolen fabric. The fabric is made of the highest quality New Zealand wool and blended only with 5% polyamide. It is very soft, strong, has an impressive wear resistance, and in combination with other materials used in our luminaires, has excellent acoustic characteristics.

Gabriel Chili

Chili is a pioneering upholstery fabric distinguished by its fusion of sustainable materials and exceptional fire resistance. Made from 75% post-consumer recycled flame retardant polyester, the fabric sets new environmental standards for fire retardant fabrics. Chili blends unicolored and melange fibers to create a simple yet distinctive two-toned grid design.

Gabriel Medley

Medley is woven in 100% polyester melange yarn with a simple, geometric structure. The tight texture and the changing structure of the yarn give the fabric an intense color depth and a lively surface in multiple shades. The weave structure accentuates the richness of every single nuance and creates a discreet color play across the fabric’s surface. Nuances fuse gently and with varying saturation and intensity, depending on the incident angle of the light.

Gabriel Mica

Mica is a cross-functional, two-toned crepe fabric with a graphic yet discreet melange effect. The classic crepe structure is given a contemporary twist, and with its sparkling, crisp, and fresh expression, Mica stands out as an exclusive, sophisticated and updated crepe fabric.

Gabriel Noma

Upholstery fabric Noma is distinguished by its attractive, durable, and two-toned melange design, excellent fire resistance, and environmentally friendly. Made from 50% post-consumer recycled flame retardant polyester, Noma is an eco-friendly alternative to standard flame retardant polyester fabrics. It meets all common European fire safety standards.

Gabriel Select

Select is a classic woolen upholstery fabric distinguished by its underplayed, uncolored elegance and basic, authentic look that exudes sublime craftsmanship and first-class quality. The fabric’s tightly woven relief structure adds depth and textural dimension and brings the solid colors to life in a delicate interplay of light and shadow.