The Quadro office lamp consists of four independent acoustic quarters with an industrial frame. Its color and structure are fully customizable. Made of soft materials, it absorbs sounds that reach its surface. Its top-quality lighting components are perfect for offices, especially the open-plan type. There are two different sizes to choose from (M & L).




Wattage: 30W(M), 48(L)

Lumen: 1000lm / 2100lm (M), 1750lm / 3500lm (L)

Colour temp. [K] 3000, 4000, Tunable White (On request)


Luminaire colour: White, Black 

Fabric Colour:

Flexxica wool felt 5mm:

Flexxica wool felt color palette is high-quality 5 mm thick felt. Wool felt has many technical uses, including, among others, in acoustics. The natural properties of wool make this felt not only look designer but also absorb noise and sound perfectly.

Flexxica felt 5mm:

Flexxica felt color palette is a wide range of flame-retardant design felts with a velour finish and high noise reduction properties. They are available in many colors, ideal for many decorative projects, including upholstery and interiors.