Photinus - Athena

With the solar luminaire Athena, photinus takes an innovative and futuristic approach of solar street lighting. This clever solar light adapts perfectly to your needs and can use flexible light heads to direct the lighting specifically onto facades, objects, streets or paths. The unique modular construction of the solar luminaire allows the transport on only one europallet causing a considerable reduction of freight costs.

Brand: Photinus

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Lumen: 200lm


It has a Solar Module with an efficiency of 22%. Its integrated high performance solar modules is able to achieve maximum performance.

The Autonomous battery storage is a special smart function that allows 13 days poor weather without loss of light.

It has Energy optimized program so that reprogramming is possible at any time with a remote control.

It is able to monitor, maintenance and service with GSM technology at any location.

Due to the high-end components, the first maintenance is required after 10 years at the earliest.

The solar luminaires are simple and flexible to install and can be relocated if necessary.

No cables are necessary and the luminaires are functional at any location.

Its special photinus LiFeP04 battery is suitable for an operating temperature of -20° to +60°C.