Photinus - Luna

The wonderfully designed luna, down to the tiniest detail, epitomizes high-end design and elegance. As a result, photinus demonstrates time and time again that ecology, high technological demands, and beauty can all be properly matched. The solar stele adds a special touch to any park, both day and night, with its stunning beauty. This is what it takes to be a best-seller.

Brand: Photinus

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Lamp / Bulb type: LED MODULE

Wattage: 50W

Lumen: Max 200Im/w

Colour temp.[K]: Call us for enquiry


It has a Solar Module with an efficiency of 22%. Its integrated high performance solar modules is able to achieve maximum performance.

The Autonomous battery storage is a special smart function that allows 13 days poor weather without loss of light.


Height: 4.10m

LPH: 3.90m