Suspension lamp system available with different sizes of shade. The S shade is made in copper or brass and available in solid copper or brass finishes, both with a shiny exterior and a satin interior. It is also sold in a textured matte black or white exterior, combined with a shade interior in satin brass or copper. M and L shades are made in aluminium and available in solid textured white or matte black. The Speers single fixture lamps are available in a surface version (S1) or in a recessed version (SR1). The multiple fixture lamps (S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6) are only sold in a surface version and the flat canopies are always white or black. Speers lamps are equipped with a high-luminance LED light source. They include a glass lens that focuses the light and enhances its luminous efficiency. There is an optional opal diffuser providing general diffused lighting. 

Brand: B.lux

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Lamp/Bulb type LED

Wattage 9W 

Lumen 1100lm

Colour temp. [K] 2700K


 Copper (shiny) / copper (satin)  White (matte) / copper (satin)  Black (matte) / copper (satin)
 Brass (shiny) / brass (satin)  White (matte) / brass (satin)  Black (matte) / brass (satin)